You have to set up Permission Groups first. Then, everyone assigned to a specific group will have the same access level to your account.

Create Groups

  1. Click on View Organization from the Ensemble Details page.
  2. Under Permission Groups, enter a group name in the field. (Ex: Librarians, Drum Majors, etc.)

  3. Click Add Group to create the Group.

Add permission levels by Group

  1. Select the Group Name in your Permissions Groups list.

  2. Choose from the preset Permissions list in the Dropdown.

  3. Select All Bands (Ensembles) or Specific Bands (Ensembles).
  4. If you opt to limit the Permission Group to a Specific Band (Ensemble), you will need to choose from your list of ensembles.

  5. Repeat the process if the Permission Group has authority for multiple areas of your organization.
  6. Click Save Group to apply updates if you are done.

Remove Permissions

Click on the Remove button next to the Permission you want to remove.