You can manage performances only through the app. Once you select your ensemble, you will have the options to start, manage, or end performances.

Start Performance

You will need to select a performance from an existing list or create them before starting.

Create Performance

  1. Click on the left menu (>) and select the music Icon to open the music menu. 
  2. Click the Start Performance button (this is currently not appearing for me)
  3. Enter the Performance Name in the field and press OK.
  4. The performance will start (???)
  5. The Performance Manager page will open.

Existing Performance

  1. Select the performance you want to use
  2. Click on the Manage Performance button to access

Start Multiple Performances

You will have to create each performance and choose the songs or playlists. Once the performance is created

The back button takes you back to the band.

End performance

Note: You cannot restart a performance once it has ended.

  1. Select the correct ensemble
  2. Go to the left menu and click the Manage Performance button
  3. Click on the End Performance button 
  4. Click Yes to end the performance
  5. You will get a confirmation that the performance has ended.

Simultaneous Performances

Ensemble members will automatically join the performance if only one performance runs. However, if you have multiple performances running simultaneously, band members will be prompted to choose a performance to join. 

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