Songs can be added to FlipFolder App from any of your local drives. Once logged into your account, you can add songs to your ensembles in the Parts & Libraries menu.

Add Songs

  1. Go to My Ensembles and select your band.
  2. Select Parts & Libraries from the left menu
  3. Click Open next to the Library you want to use under the Associated Libraries section.

  4. Click on the Add Song button to select songs stored on your device.

  5. Choose a file or drag it into the file selection box.

  6. The first part defaults to Score.
  7. Enter the Part Name in the field and click Add.

  8. You can repeat this action to create all of your parts.
  9. Drag and drop additional parts stored on your device into all matching Part Names you created.

  10. Select the correct copyright option for the song you are adding.

  11. Enter the title of your music in the Song Name field
  12. Submit to add the song.

Part Name - There is a single default part titled "Score" when you select Add Song. You will be able to change this option if you are not loading a score.

Note: You will have to add part names for each part you upload during the first two or three songs you upload. Once part names are added in your band, they will be available for future songs added. You may need to add auxiliary parts each time. 

All Queued jobs

Once your song is added, you will be on the All Queued Jobs page. This page allows you to add multiple songs at one time.

If you are done uploading songs, click the Add Just This Song button. 

If you want to add more songs, click the Add Another Song button to repeat the process. 

There is a conversion processing wait time when adding songs. (Approx. how long???) The Job Status page will show when the conversion is complete. You can continue working while the music is being added.

The job status will update when completed.

Learn more about All Queued Jobs.