Band Leader - Someone with permission to start, end, or manage the band. They have the ability to control the band's performances from the app.

Band Manager - This page on the website allows admins to manage the band/ensemble. You can add songs, set up permissions for additional band leaders, and disconnect devices on this page. You cannot start, manage, or end performances from this page.

Change Performance - This option is on the Performance Manager page on the app. It allows the Band Leader to toggle between all performances listed under the band.

Connect ID - A password to share with all ensemble members, which allows them to connect to the band. Anyone who has this ID can connect to the band but will not have permission to control the band.

EULA - End-User License Agreement. 

Leader Token - A unique code that is assigned to each device connected with Band Leader permissions. There's no limit to how many band leaders you can have assigned to one band.

Part Folders - A folder for every part, with each file being a separate song.

Performance Name - This is helpful when you have two or more concurrent performances. The Band Leader can switch between performances. It will give ensemble members the ability to choose which performance to join. Ensemble members will automatically join the performance when there is only one. Once added, it will create a performance management page on the app.

Playlists - A list of songs compiled for a rehearsal, performance, or event that the Director creates. Members can choose to view songs grouped by playlists or an alphabetical list.

Queued Jobs - The All Queued Jobs page is accessible from the Band Manager when adding songs. Songs selected to be added are listed on this page before the conversion process. You can queue multiple songs before running the conversion process to add them to your band.

Song Folders - A folder for every song, with each file being a separate part.