You can add all parts for songs sorted by instrumentation.

  1. Open a library.
  2. Click the Add Part button.

If this is the first time adding parts, you will need to complete the First Time Upload - Part Folders form.

  1. Do you have sheet music for the Score part?
  2. Select the correct copyright options for the music you are uploading.

Start adding parts once this is complete.

The Score part is the default part in all FlipFolder app folders. If you do not have a score part, select Fill With Placeholder and enter the song title. If you have a score part, follow the steps to add songs, starting with the Score part folder.

Select the parts folder (Score, Trombone 1, etc.) on your device or drive.

  1. Drag and drop each song into the Parts folder.
  2. Enter the song title in the Song Name field.
  3. Click the Create Songs button once you have added the Parts for all songs.

Confirm your selection to start the process of adding songs.

The screen will show the progress of the conversion process.

Click Back to Library once the conversion process is complete.

Select your next Parts folder and repeat the process. You will not need to enter the Song Name. All of the songs were created in the previous step and will show. 

Click and drag the next part to its matching song.

Enter the Part Name and Submit.

This will add your part to the library.

Repeat this step to add additional parts.