You will need to use the app to connect a device to the Ensemble. The Ensemble's Connect ID is required to complete this step.

Connect Device

Download and install the FlipFolder App on your device from Google Play Store (Android devices) or Apple App Store (iOS devices). Learn more.

  1. Click the Add Band icon button from the main page. (This icon appears if this device is not connected to any Ensembles.

  2. Enter your Connect ID and press OK. 
  3. Select one or more parts from the list shown and click Finish

The part will be your default parts list for all songs in the band. However, admin permission allows the Ensemble Director and support staff to choose the Score part. 

  • You can select multiple parts, which is helpful for student leaders.
  • You can change your parts for individual songs.

You will be prompted to pre-download all songs. You can skip this part and download songs later.

  1. Choose Yes (safe) and start the download. (You should have a strong wifi connection if you choose this option.)
  2. Choose No (unsafe) as the option to pre-download all songs at this point.

FlipFolder App will require access to the device's location.

Note:You will need to agree to the End-User Licence Agreement (EULA) to use this app.

The Ensemble is connected and will show on your main page in the app.

You are ready to start. 

Once your device is connected to the Ensemble, you can request permission to become a Band Leader. Learn More.